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Earlier this year, hosted its sixth annual Business Process Management Scholarship, offering one grand prize of $1,500 and two runner-up prizes of $1,000 to college students pursuing a major in business or a business-related field of study. 

This time around, we chose to put a focus on our local community – narrowing applicants’ eligibility to Michigan residents only. As a small, family owned company, we understand not only the importance of higher education, but the financial burden it often brings. And amidst this global pandemic, times are especially uncertain. 

After much review, we’re pleased to announce 2020’s ambitious and driven winners. In their essays, we asked what inspired them to take this course of study. Here are their stories:


Vinh Le

In an effort to bolster his confidence and leadership skills, Vinh made it a point to gain as much experience as possible with various volunteering and job opportunities. In doing so, he not only expanded his professional network but discovered a passion for hospitality, and is attending Michigan State University to earn a degree in Hospitality Business. In this field, he truly loves being able to connect with others from around the globe. 

Vinh is already very accomplished in his countless leadership roles, most notably founding the non-profit organization Volunteer for Tourism Organization (VTO Vietnam) that provides free local tour guides in Vietnam to over 500 international visitors annually, contributing to the significant development of its tourism.

He is also the youngest delegate to represent Vietnam at the Global Youth Leaders’ Summit in Singapore, is a part of the American Hotel and Lodging Association and the Professional Convention Management Association, and was recently selected as the Hospitality Association’s Chief Financial Officer at The School of Hospitality Business. 

Committed to achieving an above-average education and passionate about exceeding customers’ expectations, Vinh is our outstanding first place recipient.


Rachel Clark

Growing up, Rachel always found inspiration through her hard-working father, who was able to make a better life for himself after earning a degree. Now majoring in accounting, she understands the power of her education. 

Her father told her she needed to find a happy medium between what she’s good at, what she enjoys, and where she can use her skills to make a difference. With a keen sense of logic and love of numbers, this path was the perfect fit. 

Once becoming a tax accountant, Rachel plans to help eliminate financial loss for those who are financially insecure by offering reduced consultation fees. She also wants to inspire female students to pursue their passions in this male-dominated field by offering complimentary discussion sessions at local high schools. 

Rachel is very involved in school – a member of the Oakland Accounting Students Information Society, the OU Women in Business, and serving on the Business Honors Program Advisory Board. 

With a strong motivation to help others, we can’t wait to see what Rachel accomplishes. 


Alexandra Isaac

Growing up involved in her family’s small business, Alexandra learned first-hand how important it is to develop strong connections with those around you, how to listen, and how to find solutions to complex problems. 

While she first had her heart set on the field of law, becoming a legislative intern at the Michigan House of Representatives, Alexandra began to realize this was not her passion. 

After multiple impressive leadership roles as VP of Development for the Students Consulting for Nonprofit Organizations and Chief of Staff for the Michigan State Model United Nations, Alexandra was inspired to begin a business-related field of study. She saw how her actions could positively impact the lives of others, all while doing what she loved. 

She is now entering the Master of Accountancy program at the University of Michigan – Dearborn. As this new path allows her to work with numbers, problem solve, and be part of the bigger picture of a business, she’s happy to have found her field. 

Be sure to visit our website in the spring for 2021 Business Scholarship rules, regulations, and deadlines! 

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