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Service & Maintenance is a new offering from Shelving Inc. that allows us to completely supply our customers and provide a dedicated representative for all their needs. 

We’ve always been your go-to for storage products and material handling equipment, but now we’re taking things a step further. Rather than go through multiple vendors, Shelving Inc. can outfit a facility inside and out while providing assistance with the maintenance of its racking, tools, and machinery. 


What We Can Service

We can provide maintenance on equipment like fork trucks and scissor lifts. This extends to automated machinery, where we offer routine maintenance checks on machines like automated guided vehicles and EOSlifts. 

When one of these vehicles stops functioning, it can cost a company thousands of dollars until they are up and running again. We can supply an on-site mechanic, dispatch a mechanic immediately, or even issue replacement parts to be put in place until the machine is fixed. Less down time, less money lost. 

We’re also beginning to offer repair kits for pallet racking and parts to repair guardrails, saving companies money by restoring products rather than getting all new material. 

It doesn’t end there. Shelving Inc. is stocking warehouse tools, industrial power tools, and industrial hand tools like screwdrivers, impact drills, generators, and compressors. In the event a customer’s item breaks, we’re able to replace it in no time. 


How to Request Maintenance 

To request service, just give us a call and describe what needs to be repaired. In addition, a Shelving Inc. representative can visit your facility to assess the issue. 

We are able to stock many parts, so a crew can be dispatched within 48 hours to take care of the damage. Right now, we are only offering maintenance to companies in the state of Michigan.

Next time you need to outfit an entire facility or warehouse, rest assured that Shelving Inc. is your one-stop shop. For more information or to request service, contact Sales Representative Travis Hissong at 248-318-1160 or

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