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We’d like to think we have a pretty wide variety of wire shelving available here at, including both national brands and our in-house custom shelving, but among some of the most popular shelves we offer are Metro wire shelving.

Metro, a leading manufacturer in storage and transport equipment for a variety of commercial markets, offers a dedicated line of wire shelving parts, styles, and add-ons to help you expand your warehouse or office’s storage capacity without a lot of costly remodeling or renovations. Read on to learn more of the features, uses, and advantages of using genuine Metro brand wire shelving:

Easily expandable.

Every Metro wire shelving unit is designed to be modular and compatible with Metro shelving add on kits to allow you to expand your storage beyond your current limits without a lot of cost and time invested into buying all-new shelving. Metro shelving units are initially sold as starter kits with this idea in mind, to help keep your budget under control while increasing the amount of storage you have at your disposal.

Durable and rust resistant.

Metro shelves are available in a number of finishes, each of them designed to provide additional durability and rust resistance to keep your shelves and the items they hold safe. The basic Metro chrome shelving models are designed to be protected from developing rust and getting scratched or marred, and they’re also available as black Metro shelving or white Metro shelving to both further protect the shelf from damage with a durable epoxy coating and provide a more attractive look, perfect for office storage (to better match the decor) and even work as product display in retail.


Metro carts combine the durable storage of Metro shelving with the convenience of movable casters to help transport products without having to remove them from (or disassemble) the entire shelf. These are a common sight in the medical industry to carry heavy and/or more delicate supplies and equipment back and forth, as well as offices to help organize extra office supplies such as spare keyboards and mice.

Perfect for home and office.

Across each different style of Metro shelving are an array of options such as height, width, and number of shelves. This sort of flexibility makes them perfect for nearly any area in the home or workplace; the bigger units will be right at home to withstand the wear and tear of the factory or shop floor, the shorter units can be safely kept in the basement or attic to keep things organized and safe from rust and damage, and you can even fit some of the smaller units in a pantry or closet to keep food and clothes easier to access!

Browse our selection of Metro wire shelves today and see just how helpful they can be!

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  1. Saiyad Gulbaz says:

    Nicely explained article with very useful metro shelving products. The benefits and features explained here are truly appreciable.

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