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Grid cube storage is one of our more versatile storage options thanks to the number of different sizes, shapes, and designs they’re available in. Whether you own a retail shop, manage a warehouse, or just need some extra storage around the house, grid cubes can be used in a number of ways to maximize all of your available room. If you’re considering bringing some grid cubes into your home or workplace to help store some extra items, here’s just a few of the ways they could help:

Merchandise Display

grid cubes for display

One of the best uses for grid cubes in a retail or commercial environment is the displaying of merchandise. Merchandiser units, also known as ‘scarecrow units’, allow the displaying of clothing or larger merchandise in a highly-visible and easy to organize fashion, helping you to create eye-catching centerpiece displays for any size store, no matter what you carry. Use then to create sale displays, new item showpieces, or whatever you need to get the customers’ eyes where you want them to go.

Locker Room & Restroom Organization


Corner cubby units offer the perfect storage for needed locker room and restroom items such as towels, soaps, and more, all while freeing up floor space and minimizing bulk. The open design of cubby units, not unlike wire shelving, provides for sturdy but open design to hang onto needed items in a convenient fashion. Use them to hang onto clean towels in locker rooms or shower areas if your business has one, or slide them into restrooms to provide toiletries, towels, and more right near the sink where they’ll be most needed.

Waiting Rooms & Day Care Areas

If you run any kind of office that has a waiting room or day care center, plastic coated cube storage is an ideal storage solution for a number of smaller items. Cube storage could be used in a lobby, waiting room, or even a break room area to support a television, books and magazines, or promotional literature about your company and its services. And if your workplace includes a daycare center, like many larger offices or educational centers do, cube storage is the perfect way to hang onto books, toys, and more!

Whatever your business does, we’re sure you’ll find a use for grid cube storage in a number of areas of your workplace.

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  1. John Gerg says:

    Thanks for sharing.. It’s really useful storage solution for office, workplace.. Grid Cube Storage
    is perfect way to store all valuable items..

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