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No matter what your store sells or what you choose to display and advertise, change is inevitable in any aspect of your retail store – especially when it comes to product displays.


As a retailer, it’s important that you stay fresh and ahead of the game in the world of display and advertisements. Keeping the same few products in the window will make your store seem out of touch and behind the times, and using outdated branding runs the risk of making your store look out-of-date and may scare away potential customers, which is exactly what you don’t want advertising to do, right?


Whatever kind of advertising or displays you use, whether you’re drawing in customers from the window or trying to rearrange your store to help customers get around easier, there’s plenty of things to keep in mind and plenty of things to check out when rearranging your displays:


Refresh Your Message

Any store, whatever they carry, has a “message” they want to convey to their customers. These can be something temporary and seasonal (back to school vs. summertime clothing, for example) or an idea you want your store to convey (children’s clothing, maternity wear, etc), but whatever it is you want to make sure it’s conveyed through the store. Choose your imagery, paint colors, and decorations accordingly to make your target audience feel at home, whoever it is.


Guide The Customers – But Stay Out Of Their Way

When rearranging your store layout, you’ll want to strike a careful balance between guiding the customer, and letting them set their own path throughout the store. If you bring in any new retail storage like wire shelving or product displays, make sure to avoid cluttering the store while drawing the customer’s eye to new products and/or any items you particularly want to highlight. There’s an art to this that depends on every store, but a good place to start is to watch the way your customers would typically find their way around the store and go from there.


Don’t Be Afraid To Refresh Items

While it might hurt your sense of pride (or economics) to pull some things off the shelf if they weren’t selling like you’d hoped, there’s a lot of good in refreshing your current stock to draw in more potential eyeballs. Grab an extra rack or some storage bins to throw your older items in and mark them down in price – this will both free up space and draw in more potential sales. After all, nobody can refuse a deal, right?


Finally, Never Assume

Whatever you wind up doing to your retail store, never make any assumptions about your customers. Don’t think they can’t afford an item, don’t think they won’t understand your product, and most importantly, don’t think your customer won’t like you. While you wouldn’t be doing yourself any favors to underestimate your customers, having confidence in your products will do a world of good.

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