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Wherever you go, from schools to coffeeshops to most office buildings, you’re going to see someone using a tablet computer. Whether it’s an iPad, and Android device, or even something running Windows, tablet devices can be beneficial to warehouse management and workers alike in a number of ways. Here’s a few different uses you could find for tablet devices in your facility, if you’re considering taking the plunge:


Increased Productivity

The first and most immediate benefit for installing tablets around your facility is the immediate increase in productivity. Software exists for many different tablets to increase worker communication, keep appraised of incoming shipments, and maintain employee performance by giving them a real-time display of production goals and ongoing projects. Many workers today prefer feedback as immediate as possible, and tablets are a perfect way to keep your workers apprised of where they are.


Better Inventory Control

Even if not every worker has their own tablet, installing one in any of your pallet racks or wire shelving installations around the warehouse will provide them with a useful tool for managing inventory. Barcode scanners can be installed to provide a much faster way to track and scan items for quantity measurement, allowing you to keep an eye on items-on-hand as well as incoming shipments. And better yet, if your tablets are equipped with cameras, they can be used to take pictures of damaged shipments or defective goods to help with the item return process.


Enhanced Shipping and Receiving

The aforementioned barcode scanners can come in handy when it comes time to receive or send out items, as well. Keeping a tablet with a scanner installed at the point of shipment or point of delivery will allow you to keep better track of items as they are loaded or unloaded to ensure they match what’s stated on the order, thus reducing problems for both your facility – and the customer.


Attracting Talent

This might not be the most tangible benefit, but it’s worth considering for the long run. Younger workers with more technical experience will always relish the chance to work in a facility that seems more technologically equipped, as it makes the warehouse seem more-up-to-date and will look great on a resume. If you install tablets, the experiences users are sure to follow.


As we’ve said before, not every solution will work for every warehouse, but the benefits of installing tablets are hard to ignore – especially when compared to more costly computing solutions.

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