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Plastic shelving is a common sight in homes – but it still remains surprisingly unappreciated in a lot of industrial, storage, and commercial settings.

Not that we’ve never seen plastic shelving anywhere, but we have found that a lot of its uses tend to go a little under-appreciated by the warehouse and storage communities. To try and spread awareness of how useful these forms of shelving can be, let’s take a look at some common (and not-so-common) uses for plastic shelving:


Food storage

The biggest example of how plastic shelving can be useful is in any warehouse, kitchen, restaurant, or retail establishment that needs to store food products. Many plastic shelves, including shelves like MetroMax antimicrobial shelving carried by, are NSF certified. That means they’re designed to resist virtually all forms of contamination and prevent bacterial growth, perfect for keeping food products safe and germ-free. Your customers will thank you, your employees will thank you, and you’ll thank yourself when the health inspector comes around.


Storage for inclement/inconsistent weather

As nice as it would be for every warehouse to be located somewhere dry and consistently warm, that’s just not the reality of the industry – or of weather in America, especially these days. (We’re located in Michigan, so we get it.) Plastic shelving is designed to resist corrosion and stand up to a lot more hazardous conditions than a lot of other shelving materials, so if you work in an area with lower temperatures and/or a lot of humidity or moisture, plastic shelving is a good way to keep your products safe and stop you from needing to replace your shelves due to corrosion or weather damage.


Cold storage

Similarly, plastic shelving is an ideal solution for cold storage of products like food, flowers and produce, or even certain cosmetic products. The germ-free design provides an additional layer of protection from contamination above and beyond what the colder (or freezing) temperatures provide, and they won’t rust or crack under the pressure.


Greenhouse/agricultural storage

On the reverse side of this, plastic shelves are also a great option for warmer storage in greenhouses, growhouses/dispensaries, and any other agricultural or horticultural options. They can withstand the warmer, humid temperatures many plants require, and they can work to keep away pests and contaminants to keep your plants healthy, growing, and ready to sell.

Got any other tips you’ve come across for plastic shelving? Leave a comment below!

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