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Cramped kitchen? Congested garage? If your floor space has reached maximum capacity yet there’s oodles more to store, fear not: it’s for this very issue that mounted wire shelving was designed for. Listed below are some of the best ways they save space.


Around-the-House Essentials

Garages fill up with clutter like none other.  Over time, things like tools, storage bins, files, and the lawn mower occupy every open crevice. If your garage is running empty on floor space, it may be time to consider wall-mounted wire shelving. Designate a shelf or two to automobile equipment; or, if cars aren’t your thing, outfit them with gardening supplies. On the hand, it could work just as well to simply store a mixed bag of items that serve multiple purposes like buckets, gloves, and paint.


Cooking Equipment


Cooking should be easy and relaxing. Wall-mounted wire shelving makes cooking incredibly easier. Shelving positioned near the cooking space – such as the 12”d wall mounted wire shelving unit –  allows seamless withdrawal of ladles, spoons, bowls, spices, and other fundamentals of cookery. Also, a shelf purposely appointed for cooking books promotes a refreshing reminder to experiment with new types of dishes.


Walking Space


If you’ve ever swapped out an old, bulky television for a lighter, sleeker flat screen, you probably remember how it felt there was so much more room afterward. When it comes to cluttered spaces around the house, the same sense of newfound openness is had after installing mounted-wire shelving. In the bedroom, hallway, and practically any other part of the house, mounted wire-shelving can create a ton of extra room for walking space in otherwise cramped spaces. The benefits might not be immediately telling at first, but once you have guest over the benefits will be abundantly clear.




Figuring out where and how to store one’s wine collection can be tough. Wall mounted wine racks simplify this with their sharp look, ease of convenience, and floor space that they open up. Add to the kitchen, basement, or any other area that wine would complement the atmosphere.


Movies, Books, Video Games

Storing DVDs and games inside a cramped box is no fun. With wall-mounted wire shelving, you are able to neatly put them on display. Install units on the left and right of the television at eye-level to clearly showcase your favorite films out in the open, which can make for a great piece of conversation to discuss with guests and family members alike.

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