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Shelving Inc., leaders in wire shelving innovations, are bringing an exclusive product to market. We’ve decided to make one of our most popular accessories available in an even more popular color. Introducing: Black Wall Mount Brackets!
single wall mount bracket- black

With the advent of the black bracket, you can now create black wall shelving in your home or business. Create a low profile shelving solution in any room, opening up space while making sure that your goods are well supported.

black wall mount bracket


All it takes is two brackets and a single shelf, and you’ve got a strong storage solution that can be put anywhere.

black double bracket

Customize your storage by placing shelves side by side using the black double-bracket for wire shelving. A continuous run of black wire wall shelving will help to evenly distribute the load and give you more space for your items. Take advantage of the epoxy coating and mount your wire shelving in the garage or basement without fear of rust.


Check out our black wall mount wire shelving brackets and other wire shelving accessories, exclusively available at

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