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In the past we’ve provided a few examples of uses for metal shelving to fit various workplaces and storage needs – but those have just been the tip of the iceberg.

Metal shelving is an affordable, durable, and versatile option for solving many storage issues that businesses can encounter, no matter what they do. If you’re looking for a few more ways to use metal racks in your workplace, read on:

Cold storage

A lot of industries rely on refrigerated or even frozen storage for their products. Even above and beyond the typical example of restaurants, businesses as varied as pharmaceutical/medical storage, research centers (anything involving the study of biological or chemical materials), hospitals and clinics, and even IT companies and server hosting need cold storage. (Think about it – that’s a big room of servers and computers, and it’s going to get really hot if you’re not careful.) Most metal shelves are designed to withstand a variety of temperatures and can be used in cold storage to maintain durability, safety, and organization.

Retail backroom organization

Whether you work for a major national chain or run your own local ‘mom and pop’ store somewhere in your hometown, metal shelving units are a great way to get your entire backroom organized. Open steel shelving units provide easy access to your inventory from all angles, and are sturdy enough to support even the heaviest shipment boxes – because we all know shipment doesn’t always get unboxed as soon as it shows up.

Long-term document storage

If you don’t have the space for an entire record storage setup in your business, open metal shelving is a great way to store those bulky banker’s boxes full of paperwork without taking up a ton of extra room. If your business is required to store paperwork for a long period of time (such as medical records, repair documents, and so on), metal shelves can handle the weight and store them for as long as they need to be kept around.

Kitchen/pantry/breakroom storage

A lot of metal shelving is designed to be sterile, making it ideal for food storage. But food isn’t just kept in restaurants and cafeterias – snacks can be stored a lot of places around the workplace, and metal shelves are a great way to keep ingredients or lunches together when they don’t need to be refrigerated. If you have food or kitchen supplies that need some fast organization, NSF metal restaurant shelves can be easily repurposed to provide germ-free storage for breakrooms and the like.

And many more! These are just a few examples of how metal shelves can be used in your business, and many more uses are possible thanks to its versatility and design. If you have any further questions about how to use metal shelving in your workplace, contact Shelving, Inc. today!

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