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No matter where you work or what you do, one thing is true: everyone could use a little more organization sometimes.

You don’t need us to tell you how many different kinds of shelving are out there in the world. What you might need a little help with, though, is understanding what kind of shelving can help you most and where it can be used.

Below, we’ve got a few workplaces that commonly need different kinds of metal shelves, and what they need them for:


Medical Storage:

It’s no surprise that the medical business needs the safest storage possible. From pharmacies to hospitals to urgent care centers and everywhere in between, medical supplies have strict standards of safety and hygiene that need to be met. Specially-designed NSF medical shelving is made to the enacting standards that hospitals need to prevent germs and protect sterilized medical equipment.



In a similar vein, restaurants have to worry about keeping things germ-free and sterile about as much as hospitals do, and proper food storage is critical for keeping your guests safe and making sure you work within federal and state safety guidelines. Metal shelving is ideal for restaurants to store products and ingredients in a number of different environments, from cold storage to the kitchen itself to the dishwashing area, all the better to protect their customers.


Industrial/Factory Settings:

Even if they’re not as concerned about germs, industrial settings have to deal with heavy inventory, bulky products, and the like. Metal shelves and rivet shelves are designed to support greater weight amounts than many other shelving options, and can provide long-term storage for heavy tools or parts as well as keeping needed supplies safe (in case of machinery malfunction or anything).


Janitorial & Maintenance:

Maintenance teams have a lot of stuff they need to keep safe, from cleaning chemicals and soaps to the hardware they need to fix anything around the building they work in, and metal shelving is an ideal way to prevent spills and damage. The metal construction is corrosion-resistant to keep sensitive cleaning supplies safe, and the design can hold heavier hand tools with ease.


Auto Mechanics:

Similar to maintenance work, auto mechanic shops have a lot of heavy hand tools and supplies they need to keep around, which metal shelving can handle with ease. Even above and beyond that, auto repair facilities can also employ tire storage shelves to hang onto bulky spare tires to keep them safely organized (and out of the way of the rest of the shop so work can get done).

And many more! If you think your workplace needs a little extra shelving and organization to really get stuff done, check out our selection of metal shelving and see what it can do for you.

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