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From offices to kitchens to warehouses and everything in between, one thing is always true: some storage jobs are a little more…heavy-duty than others.

A lot of businesses deal in things that need to be stored with something a little tougher than the average shelf; whether they’re shipped in bulk, have to be stored in larger containers, or are just plain-old heavy.

That’s where bulk storage racks come in. Designed to support heavier loads and bulkier goods than normal shelves and racks, bulk storage racks can provide storage and organization for heavy and/or bulky items across a number of industries. Here’s a list of ways these shelves can be used, and where you can use them:

Long-Term Inventory Storage

A lot of warehouses, retail outlets, and the like have to keep items around for a long time before they can be sold, whether they’re hanging onto them for sales, storing them for the holiday season, and so on. Bulk storage racks are ideal for long-term storage thanks to their durable construction, and their open design keeps the products easy to access once their time has come.

Where to use them:

Retail outlets, distribution centers, warehouses, production centers (for products that aren’t being shipped out immediately)

Cold Storage

There’s a lot more that goes into cold storage than it looks like at first glance. Between properly monitoring the temperature the items are stored at to making sure the right kind of shelves are used, cold storage is a delicate balancing act that’s necessary to keep a lot of products (and customers) safe. Galvanized steel bulk shelving is perfect for cold storage as it can withstand the low temperatures and moisture that come with long-term cold storage, while still providing durability and accessibility.

Where to use them:

Restaurant freezers, long-term food storage, bulk food retail

Chemical & Cleaning Supply Storage

Even if some industrial chemicals don’t exactly need to be handled with a hazmat suit, they still need to be stored as safely as possible. Steel decking bulk storage racks are completely fireproof, durably constructed, and designed to support larger containers of cleaning supplies, needed chemicals, and anything else that needs to be stored safely and in an area that can contain spills.

Where to use them:

Janitorial/maintenance closets, supply areas, closed areas for chemical storage

Long-Term Document Storage

Believe it or not, a lot of businesses still rely on paper records for a number of reasons; legal requirements, patient information storage, receipts and tax records, and so on. As anyone who has had to box up books or magazines can tell you, paper tends to take up a lot more space than you might expect. Bulk storage racks can handle the weight of document boxes and retention, and provide safe and accessible storage for the rare event you actually need to go back to get those records.

Where to use them:

Internal tax document storage, patient records for hospitals and medical centers, repair bills and customer records for auto repair (where required by law)

Bulk Part Storage

Finally, one of the biggest uses for bulk storage is one of the most common: storage of large bulky parts and products. Some items are just too big to keep elsewhere, or need to be stored in too large a quantity to trust to smaller shelves, and bulk storage winds up being an ideal solution for these products to keep them safe, accessible, and out of the way until they’re needed.

Where to use them:

Factories that deal in larger goods or anything too bulky to store normally, auto repair shops that need to retain irregularly-shaped or heavy items, retail storage for bigger products, anywhere that deals in large containers, boxes, or individual items

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