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Dispensaries and indoor growing operations tend to require a lot of different storage and shelving types depending on the products being grown, but there’s one area that requires just as much time and focus—transporting these goods.

Above and beyond just getting them to customers or putting them on the truck to get to their final sales destination, safely transporting plants and grow supplies in your dispensary or indoor farm is a necessary step in the lifespan of any plant. Whether you’re transporting them to new parts of your dispensary shelving or you’re moving them to their new home at the store (or at the customer’s house), having the right carts can keep your plants safe and ensure healthy growth at all stages of the life cycle.

Here’s a few of our favorite uses for storage carts & transport carts in dispensaries, and what they can do for your operation:


Transporting clippings: Through the use of tray trucks, lug dollys, and storage bins, you can more easily transport clippings through the growth and cloning process. Designate a few of these trays to carry clippings, stems, and seeds to avoid any accidental cross-contamination, and make sure they’re regularly cleaned and rotated to ensure the safety of everything you carry throughout the dispensary.


Providing better light: Depending on the size and layout of your dispensary, the growth cycle of many plants will require movement to ensure it receives the appropriate amount of light. Transportation & storage carts in your dispensary can help you more easily move your plants to where you need them to be, especially if you have a rotating schedule of different plants that need sunlight at different points in the growth cycle.


Easier watering: The open design of wire utility carts, as well as their rust-proof construction, makes them an ideal choice for your watering room. Use utility carts to move plants from the drying area to the watering station for a corrosion-resistant solution to help get your plants watered more quickly and moved to where they need to be.


Airflow: Similarly, storing your plants on more open carts like wire or plastic carts can allow air to flow through the area more easily and keep your plants healthy. By using transport carts for longer-term storage, you can avoid the ‘closed’ design of other shelves and make sure your plants get the right amount of oxygen they need at any stage of their growth.

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