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As a family-owned business, we understand the importance of preparing America’s youth for the future. We recognize the importance of higher education in ensuring that our students receive the education and skills they deserve when entering the workforce.

Earlier this year, we launched our fifth annual scholarship for college students currently pursuing a major in business and/or currently enrolled in a business-related field of study, offering one grand prize of $1,500 and two runner-up prizes of $1,000. After receiving over 300 applications (a record number!) we’ve selected this year’s winners.

In their essays, we asked what inspired them to take this course of study. Here are their stories:


Scholarship winner Sara

Sara Dancs

As both a first-generation American and a first-generation college student, academics has always been a top priority for Sara. Growing up she watched her father work in the automotive industry, beginning in the 1970s after he fled to the United States from Hungary. She feels this has heavily influenced her decision to study global supply chain management at Wayne State University—seeing his hard work and dedication for the company inspired her to follow in his footsteps.

A part of Wayne State’s Corporate Mentorship Program, as well as the Global Supply Chain Management Association, Sara is also currently interning at Dow Chemical on their Integrated Supply Chain Learning & Development team. This experience has helped narrow her focus post-graduation. Wanting the opportunity to make meaningful change, she’d like to work for a global company to create a more sustainable future through supply chain management.



2019 Scholarship Winner Byron


Byron Brooks

Midway through his first semester at Henry Ford College, Byron’s mother gave him an ultimatum: either drop out to bring in money working at a factory, or get kicked out of the house. Knowing that education is the key to success, Byron chose the latter. For the next year and a half, he experienced homelessness while continuing to pursue an associate degree in music.

After getting back on his feet, he was determined to prevent his situation from happening to another student. He became the first black student body president of HFC and was a founding member of the college’s diversity task force initiative. In 2018, he also founded the 501(c)(3) “From the Hood for the Hood,” which is dedicated to developing, empowering and engaging youth while being a training catalyst for social justice and fighting homelessness. Overall Byron says that overcoming life’s obstacles is not what makes his past challenges satisfying, but the way he used his personal testimony to help others along the way.



Shelving 2019 Scholarship winner Ravan

Ravan Jackson

Ravan is on track to complete her master’s degree by age 23. Admitted into the University of Central Florida’s MSM Entrepreneurship program, she’s gaining the tools and professional experience needed to start her own business—a nonprofit that will provide resources and support to young woman who have experienced trauma.

This goal stems from her opportunity mentoring young girls in the Orange County Public School and those in the foster care system, as well as becoming a child advocate intern. Giving guidance and support, they would discuss different topics like self-esteem, financial literacy, and the importance of education. Witnessing growth in these ladies inspired Ravan to help impact girls at a regional, and one day national, scale.

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