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Industrial greenhouses and other grow operations tend to be a challenge all unto themselves when it comes to organization.

Plants, especially the type you tend to grow at an industrial scale, have their own sets of challenges and requirements that need to be met so they can thrive and grow. This often means carefully arranging your plants to help them receive the sunlight and nutrients they need, as well as keeping certain types of plants separated from one another to avoid things like cross-pollination.

If you’ve spent any time working in a greenhouse, you’re probably thinking “easier said than done”. While every different greenhouse has its own unique needs and layout challenges, there’s always a few different shelving types you can use to organize your plants better, and make the most of your space.


Optimizing Greenhouse Storage


Keep flowerpots off the floor

One of the fastest ways to run out of space in a greenhouse is to keep plants on the floor. Particularly if they’re stored in bulky flowerpots, plants on the floor have a tendency to just get in the way of everything else you’re trying to do.

Accordingly, a great way to free up walking space throughout the warehouse is to use greenhouse epoxy shelving to keep your plants safely elevated. This can prevent damage as well as keeping them up off the floor where they could impede movement or create traffic jams throughout the greenhouse.


Designate a potting shelf

Potting, or re-potting, is one of the most space-consuming activities a greenhouse is responsible for. It’s also absolutely essential for greenhouse operations, which means it’s best to have some designated space for potting and re-potting that won’t get in the way of everything else you need to be doing at your greenhouse.

By using greenhouse work tables to create a space for potting, you can keep this vital function safely out of the way of the rest of the greenhouse while still helping your team stay productive.


Careful zoning for storage

Speaking of work in a greenhouse, there’s a lot of things that need to be stored in a greenhouse. One of the easiest ways to find a home for everything is to create individual, discrete zones for everything.

Think of it like this – one area can be for plant growing racks that store plants still waiting to be grown enough to be sold. A nearby area can be for plant trimming tables to help get fully-bloomed, viable plants ready for sale, but far enough away from the grow racks to avoid confusion or traffic. A third area can be given over to grow room drying racks to help your plants dry sufficiently for trimming and sale, and so on. The point of these areas is to give everyone space to work without a lot of confusion, even if all you’re doing is rearranging your tables and shelves.

By keeping your grow tables carefully arranged and organized, you can help your greenhouse get more done than ever before.

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