Skip to content recently completed a job at an e-commerce facility in Chesterfield, MI. 

With sales increasing every month, the customer was in need of a shelving upgrade, looking for a more efficient storage solution in their warehouse. After assessing their space, we determined push back pallet racking was the best option. 

Best used when storing alike products, this type of system includes a series of wheeled carts that ride on a pair of inclined rails. Using a last in, first out approach, the operator loads a pallet in front – pushing any existing pallets backward. When unloading, the sequence is reversed. When an operator picks up a pallet resting on the rails, the remaining pallets will move forward to the front of the line. 



This system can offer up to 90% more storage space than traditional racking. 

Because the pallets come to the aisle, they’re also faster to load and unload, and reduce damage, as operators do not have to drive into the rack to remove pallets. 
 also installed 900 feet of pallet racking in another facility. With a new building, they needed a way to organize and store their e-commerce products. 

We worked closely with the client, developing a floor plan that best utilized the space. Then, when it was determined they needed to store a larger amount of small items, we adjusted our plan to accommodate their new storage needs. We also decreased the spacing of some of the pallet rack shelves to maximize available shelf space. 



This racking took advantage of their vertical space, extending the racking 20 feet high. 



We also suggested optimizing the ends of the racking, adding a wire grid to hold their cables and cords. 



Lastly, multiple units of steel shelving were installed to organize and store smaller items.



Ultimately, can work with your company’s unique storage needs, helping find the best options available for your space. 

For more information, give us a call at 1-800-637-9508.

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