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While the economy continues its slow climb to stability, America’s rust belt is tightening back into well-worn loops. With this steady rhythm, one of the Big Three is steadily rolling uphill with the help of Shelving Inc.

Wire Cribbing for safety

Rolling in Spite of the Stop Sign

This project is a great opportunity to showcase our skills in several areas. First and foremost, you are able to see the results of our expert installation crew. We have years of experience in erecting all kinds of warehouse storage and safety materials. Secondly, we focus on the little details that ensure a durable storage fixture, as evidenced by the customized ceiling attachments below:

Wire partition attached to ceiling for safety and security

Wire cribbing corner affixed to ceiling for support and safety

We are able to plan for these specified features because we offer a full suite of design services to outfit your factory, production facility, or warehouse with the materials you need to keep the job organized. Better organization leads to increased productivity, positively impacting your bottom line. All of this is available for a great deal through the friendly staff of Shelving Incorporated! We tackle jobs that require multiple applications of different types of storage. This automotive factory took advantage of our bundled packaging by getting some much needed pallet racking to boot.

Shelving Inc Pallet Racking with a wire partition back drop

Having a full design service at your disposal is especially convenient when they can customize the dimensions of their products to suit your space. That’s why we fabricate material as needed, to get the job done!

Culminating the final product

And there you have it, a job well done to satisfy the needs of our customer; fully fabricated form for functional features. Stay tuned for further examples of projects we complete, big and small. You might find something inspiring and get your business going.

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