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It is always difficult to justify an expenditure for your business that does not directly result in a return on your investment. However, it is important to remember that saving money is just as valuable as earning it. By spending wisely in one area, you can account for and even prevent losses in other areas. That is why Shelving Incorporated highly recommends security panels. We’ll demonstrate three simple examples of how wire mesh structures can benefit your business.

1. Reduce Shrinkage

Referring to the loss of inventory, this is a serious problem that has to be stopped as early in the storage process as possible. By controlling access to inventory within a secure structure, you are reducing the amount of people who have access to your goods. Once everything is checked in, you can create a protocol that will only allow certain employees to retrieve stock. This is especially useful in a business that has very valuable components for big ticket items, like robotics. If your business has experienced shrinkage, wire partitions make excellent secure storage. Spending a little now can save a lot in the long run.

2. Drastically Decrease Injury

Hazards are always present in a manufacturing floor, but you are able to reduce the risk by taking decisive actions. Every year, almost 100 Americans die in fork-lift related accidents, so creating a safeguard for your work vehicles is very important. By utilizing Wire Mesh Partitions to create pathways and gates for vehicles, you are not only increasing safety by proximity, but also reducing dangers around corners by increasing visibility. Avoid accidents at work with a secure guarding system.

3. Prevent Property Damage

Your property is a major asset that you cannot afford to lose. That is why you should protect your more valuable resources with secure fencing. A wayward vehicle could cost you a fortune, but you can prevent catastrophe with a little foresight. By installing a fence around your valuable machines, you are not only restricting access, not only preventing injury to your employees, but you are also protecting your property from damage.

The benefits of this installation can mitigate all of the aforementioned issues that plague small businesses. If you have noticed any of these issues in your place of business, then consider making a call to our expert installers for a free quote. Let us help you figure out the storage solution that will work best for your company. Call now at 1 (800) 637-9508, or submit a request for quote online. Shelving Incorporated is dedicated to help make your space work harder for you.

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