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Security is a crucial factor for any business, no matter what you do – and when it comes to the bulk storing of goods, inventory, and supplies, warehouses rely on secure storage for a number of reasons.


Proper item security can help in a number of ways, from keeping your inventory safe from damage, loss, and theft to helping protect your workers from potential injury. If you’re looking to help increase the security of your warehouse and prevent both loss and damage, here’s a few policies you can start implementing along the way:


Implement Secure Staff Policies

While we like to think you can trust your staff, employee theft is still an unfortunate (and costly) fact of life for many warehouse management companies. Before bringing in new employees, running background checks and checking with references can ensure you hire workers without a known history of shady behavior. Once hired, implementing two-worker systems in high-volume areas or any area with costly inventory to monitor performance and behavior can help prevent issues or missing items, particularly in areas blocked off by a wire security partition.


Monitor Shipping & Receiving Areas

Whether through accident, mishandling of product, or intentional theft or loss, shipping & receiving areas can be a common source of product loss for warehouses of any type. Make sure to get detailed shipping logs so you always know what to expect in your shipments, and do frequent inventory counts on your end so you can check what you actually received versus what you were supposed to receive. Placing a warehouse office near the shipping area is a good way to add an extra layer of security and oversight as well.


Secure Storage

Securing the warehouse storage you have currently in your facility can both help prevent item loss, item damage, and accidents that may injure your workers. Guard rails can help to both protect dangerous items and create better area separation to indicate when and where a worker should be in an area. Many types of industrial shelving or wire shelving can also be installed with guards or side panels to help obscure valuable inventory and provide safer storage.


Remember Data Security

Warehouse security goes beyond just securing your physical inventory and locations. As many warehouses these days have begun to use computers and tablets out on the shop floor, securing these with strong passwords or biometric scanners (like fingerprint identification) will help prevent the improper use of data and loss of the devices themselves. Above that, installing some kind of keycard or password system in sensitive areas will help to better monitor traffic into and out of the more delicate areas.

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