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For as helpful as warehouse mezzanines can be, we still tend to get a lot of questions about how exactly they can help a given warehouse. 

While a lot of warehouses use mezzanines for all kinds of space-saving, product-storing purposes, the ways they can help your warehouse may surprise you. 

If you’ve ever said to yourself “if only I just had that much more extra space in my warehouse”, these four uses for modular mezzanines might just be the solution:


Four Uses for Modular Mezzanines

Additional workspace

One of the biggest benefits a modular mezzanine can offer is an increase in available workspace. Imagine being able to quickly add a second floor to your warehouse without any serious, permanent modifications to your building – and then imagine it has the strength to support many types of warehouse storage!

Our mezzanines can be expanded with additional platforms and railing units to create an interconnected floorspace that can hold storage needs, offices, and more. This can be particularly helpful in more dense areas where space is at a premium, but any provided storage solutions are already in us.

Office installations & vision towers

As nice as it would be if your warehouse had the space for every single thing you need to get the job done, we all know that’s just not possible in the real world. Mezzanines, however, can help you get closer!

One use we’ve seen becoming more common for mezzanines is to use them as space for prefab offices and vision towers. These spaces need to be in every modern warehouse, in increasing amounts – your paperwork has to go somewhere, right? – but at the potential cost of floor space that could be used for product storage.

Mezzanines allow you to keep these installations out on the floor where they can do the most good, and yet up above the storage you need to get work done. Vision towers allow for increased safety, more offices keep things productive – and the staff on the warehouse floor can go about their business!

Bulk/reserve item storage

Sure, the entire job of a warehouse is to store items – at least, until they’re on their way to their final destination. But the right placement of mezzanines can actually make this job much simpler! 

Mezzanines can be a perfect why to create more overflow storage for items. If you have goods that tend to sell through more quickly, you could use a mezzanine to store larger quantities of these goods that can then be moved into their typical location as needed. This is also a great solution for seasonal goods that tend to only sell through at certain times of year, to make sure they don’t get in the way of more commonly-picked items.

Easing traffic congestion

Finally, one of the fastest ways a mezzanine can help make your warehouse more efficient is simply by giving people another way to get around! Warehouse floors can get congested pretty quickly, especially when forklifts and other equipment gets involved, and it can be hard for workers to quickly cross from one end to another.

By installing a mezzanine across high-traffic areas, you can use it as a catwalk to help your team get back and forth more easily and safely!

Looking to add mezzanines to your warehouse?

Contact Shelving Inc today to find out how we can help your warehouse get started with mezzanines!


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