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When it comes to modern warehouses, flexibility is the name of the game.

These days, warehouses are being asked to accommodate more goods, and more varied types of goods, than ever before. This can be chalked up to a number of different factors, including the growth in ecommerce, the ongoing supply chain issues caused by the pandemic, and the fact that many modern businesses attempt to stock the widest amount of goods possible to appeal to the broadest audience it can.

As a result, warehouses need to be increasingly nimble and versatile to accommodate. One way this can be done is with the use of pallet racks!


Warehouse Flexibility through Pallet Racking


With pallet racks to provide the durable storage your warehouse needs, finding ways to keep your operations more flexible and accommodating can be easier than ever. 


Step 1: Understand Your Products

Before bringing in more pallet racks to accommodate additional goods, you need to have a thorough understanding of what those goods entail, and how (or even if) they could benefit from being relocated elsewhere. Ask yourself questions like:


  • Which products are moving fastest?
  • Where are these items located, and will it affect pick times (positively or negatively) if they’re moved elsewhere?
  • Are these products affected by seasonality?
  • Are there safety considerations that will affect their new location?

Once you have answers to these questions regarding any products you intend to move, you can move forward more easily.


Step 2: Create More Flexible Zoning

Since “flexibility” is the name of the game, you’re going to want to put a good deal of thought into where these pallet racks go. Divide your available space into zones based upon your greatest need, such as:


  • Storage for slower-moving SKUs, away from the more popular items
  • Space near the packing/shipping area for more popular/less seasonal SKUs
  • Storage for a single customer’s inventory as needed
  • Storage for returns and mispicks

Understanding the needs of your warehouse can help you delegate the role of these new pallet racks more quickly.


Step 3: Design Your Pallet Rack

The great thing about modern pallet racks is how easily they can be expanded and customized to fit the needs of your warehouse. Once you’ve decided how this new space is going to be utilized, you can start expanding, customizing, or enhancing your pallet racks with parts like:


  • Pallet rack decking, made from different materials (wire, steel, etc) to accommodate different types of goods 
  • Pallet rack safety panels to reduce the risk of product damage and/or overhang (which can be especially challenging in higher-traffic areas) 


The right pallet rack can help your newly designated warehouse space work even harder than before. 

Have more questions about how pallet racks can help your warehouse stay flexible? Contact Shelving Inc today!


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