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NSF shelving, which is to say any type of shelf that meets the standards of the National Sanitation Foundation, is a common sight in any workplace that needs safe, sterile storage.

This means, more often than not, that it’s used for food storage needs. NSF shelving tends to make a home as restaurant shelving or kitchen shelving to help keep food, utensils, and guests as safe from germs or spoilage as possible.

While this is helpful for anyone in the restaurant industry, there’s actually a lot of other uses for NSF shelves that you might not be aware of! Businesses of many types can benefit from having shelving that’s more germ-resistant, even if they’re not in the business of bringing food and drinks to guests. (And no, brewing a pot of coffee for a client meeting doesn’t count!)


Businesses That Could Use NSF Shelves


Greenhouses: As commercial greenhouses of various types (food, medicinal, or simply just selling houseplants to “plant parents”) have grown in popularity over the past few years, they find themselves in need of expanded storage options for their various goods. NSF greenhouse shelving can help keep your plants safe from cross contamination or germs affecting their growth, helping to ensure more productive harvests – and happier customers!


Offices: While the average office building isn’t thought of as the first place to use germ-free shelving, it can actually come in quite handy. Particularly in these post-pandemic times, as we’re all a little more conscious about how quickly and easily germs can spread, using germ resistant wire shelving or antimicrobial polymer shelving can be a great way to reduce the spread of germs in high-touch areas. Use these shelves anywhere your workers tend to congregate most, like the break room or the conference room, and it can be one less surface that can transmit illnesses!


Pharmaceuticals: Perhaps the closest rival to food storage is the needs of the pharmaceutical industry. Any given pharmacy, drug store, or medical facility has to juggle the various needs of the products they carry, whether it’s preventing them from coming into contact with each other, preventing them from expiring before they can be sold/prescribed, or preventing their containers from getting contaminated by sick patients or customers. NSF pharmacy shelving can come in handy for these settings, as the inherent germ resistance of NSF shelves can help add one more layer of protection to the goods you need to keep safest.

If you work in these, or any similar industries, we think NSF shelving might just be the thing you need to help keep your goods, your team, and your customers even safer.

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