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Generally, here at we tend to offer tips regarding around industrial storage, warehouse organization, and other professional/commercial pursuits.


Of course, we like having a clean and organized home just like anyone else, and every once in awhile we find tips for using industrial storage in the home to organize everything and get a unique rustic industrial look that you don’t see in a lot of standard home decor. If you’re looking to update your house using some re-purposed warehouse shelves and industrial equipment, here’s a few of the more fun examples we’ve seen lately:


Pallet Racks as Beds

pallet rack bunk bed

One of the more fun uses of industrial shelving we’ve run into is seeing pallet racks turned into bunk beds! It’s a better fit than you might think – pallet racks are designed to support a lot of weight so it’s a perfect fit for mattresses, and the supports built into the rack are easy to mount to a bedroom wall to keep everything stable. (Plus, your kids will probably think it’s pretty cool knowing they’re sleeping on big metal factory shelves!)


Industrial Lockers for Home Storage


When most people see lockers, they think “school” or “clubhouse” or “uniform storage”. However, industrial lockers can actually serve a lot of uses around the house as well. Set them up in your entryway to give your family’s coats and boots a durable (and easy to clean) place to stay until it’s time to leave. They’re also a good place to keep out-of-season clothes stored away until the weather turns again, storing sports uniforms, or even helping to organize kid’s rooms with smaller lockers that they can decorate!


Utility Carts Around The House


Take a look at ideas for using industrial storage in the house and one of the most common ones you’ll find is the use of utility carts around the house, and with good reason. By using a shelf liner you can convert these into mobile end tables for the house, convenient drink/snack carts when company is over, or even a stand for your record player or movie collection!


Industrial Lamps

If there’s one thing that every house needs, it’s lighting. If you’re looking for an alternative to the typical Ikea look (it’s fine, we’ve all been there), industrial lighting can shed some light on the situation! (Sorry.) Factory-style floodlights and standing lights can provide a unique rustic look to any room you set them up in, and the high amount of visibility they provide is generally more effective than standard house lighting.


Professional Work Desks

These days homes are going to have more than one desk, and in a lot of cases you can easily re-use professional office furniture in the home to serve many different office storage needs. Reclaimed office furniture will help you keep your home office organized in style and protect your documents and equipment from loss or damage better than some cheaper home office setups.


Of course, these are just a few of the ways industrial furniture can be used in the home, and we’ll surely be back soon with more suggestions! In the meantime, though, check these out and see if they spice up your home’s look a little!

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