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When a lot of people hear talk about industrial lockers they tend to think of, well, lockers: a small metal box to keep your uniform or your tools safe from loss or damage when you’re not using them.


There’s another range of lockers that are gaining popularity in warehouses and factories, however: wire storage lockers. Bigger and more customizable than standard lockers, these lockers are made out of a durable wire mesh (similar to our acclaimed wire shelving) to provide security and storage wherever you have room for it. If you’re curious to learn more about how to use these lockers and the sort of benefits they can provide, here’s a rundown of some of their more common uses:


Secure Equipment & Tool Storage

One of the more immediate benefits of these lockers is their ability to support heavier weights and bigger equipment, making them a perfect place to keep more valuable and/or harder-to-operate hand tools and smaller machinery. This will both protect them from potential loss or damage and help to keep your workers safe if they’re not trained in the proper usage of these items by keeping them locked up and separate.


Easy Customization

The design of these lockers allows you to add your own new parts or change the layout as needed to better suit your business’ needs. With a number of replacement parts available such as back panels and different-tier add-ons, these lockers can be designed to meet the storage needs of your business without adding a bunch of costly installations.


Greenhouse/Dispensary Storage

If you run a greenhouse, an urban found, or a medical dispensary, a common problem is trying to make sure enough lights can get to the plants inside to help them grow effectively. The open design of wire storage lockers makes it very easy for light and air to pass through, making them ideal for any plant or food product that needs sunlight/UV light to properly grow and maintain quality.


Easy Inventory Control

In a similar vein, the open design also helps you keep an eye on everything currently inside the locker. This can come in handy during product counts to allow easier access to the items inside (as well as their always-pesky SKU tags), and will help prevent loss by keeping the items in sight at all times.


Residential Storage

Above and beyond industrial or retail storage, these lockers are also perfect for residential needs as well. If you’re a landlord who needs to provide secure and discreet storage for your tenants, these storage lockers can be easily set up in the basement of an apartment building or a condo to give each resident an area to keep stuff that doesn’t quite fit in their actual apartment.

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