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No matter what kind of industrial storage or wire shelving your facility uses, safety is always paramount when it comes to protecting your workers, your inventory, and your warehouse installations like shelving.

While there are certain safety tips that can protect anything in your facility, when it comes to protecting your pallet racks, there’s a few steps warehouses of any size can take to protect their racks, items, and workers from damage, injury and even failure.


Proper Training and Usage

One of the easiest (and most helpful) steps you can take to prevent pallet rack damage is to completely train your staff on their proper usage, particularly when it comes to forklift operators. Find an OSHA-approved safety training course to instruct all of your workers on how to safely load into and remove items from a pallet rack, and make sure everyone gets an annual refresher course to keep the information at the front of everyone’s minds.


Provide Plenty of Space

This might go without saying, but proper placement and space planning is one of the most important aspects of safe pallet rack usage. Keep your aisles and lanes wide enough to provide room for multiple workers to pass safely through and complete their loading tasks, and instruct your workers to keep the aisle ways free of clutter, including loose electrical cables, improperly stored items, and general debris.


Install Safety Guards

Due to their height and the size of the items they hold, pallet rack guard panels can prove especially helpful in protecting both your workers and your inventory. Even after the safety guards are installed, make sure to train your workers on their usage and keep them properly affixed and monitored for potential damage.


Frequent Inspections for Damage

Pallet racks, almost more than any other kind of warehouse installation, endure a lot of wear and tear due to the required loading method and weight of the items being stored. Make sure to inspect your rack and any attached guard panels for damage and wear, and replace and repair as needed. While repair work might be a hassle, it’s still much faster and more economical than replacing the entire rack when it becomes unusable.


These tips should help lengthen the usable lifespan of your pallet racks, and protect your inventory and workers from damage and injury. And as always, if you’re considering adding more pallet racks to your warehouse and have any questions about how you can install them or what you should install, contact today.

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