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No matter if you have an on-the-floor in-plant office or work on the top floor of an office complex, odds are you’ve found yourself thinking about how to better organize and de-clutter your office supplies. You’ve got a lot of paperwork you have to keep, you’ve got a lot of computer equipment you need to keep around (not to mention tablets and everything), and you’ve got a lot on your mind other than trying to clean off your desk most days, right? We’ve got some fast tips for you here to help keep your office clean without having to take two days off just to tidy up.


Purge Your Paperwork

Sure, there are absolutely some documents that you’ll have to hang onto for the long-term – but it can’t possibly be all of them, and much of the paperwork on your desk can probably be safely disposed of without much loss or effort on your part. Starting out by going through your paperwork and throwing out anything you don’t need anymore, or won’t need in the immediate future – you’ll notice the difference almost immediately.


Develop A Filing System

Once you’ve found out what paperwork you truly need to keep, now is the time to think about a good filing system for anything you need to keep. A few desktop organizers will help you keep anything you need to be working on in the immediate future, and for the long-term paperwork you need to retain going forward, filing cabinets will go a long way towards giving you convenient long-term storage that keeps your immediate workspace cleared and accessible.


Keep Your Equipment Together

Depending on what you do, you probably have several devices in your office you need to use at various moments – a tablet for walking the warehouse floor, a laptop for meetings, maybe a printer for running off documents. It’s tempting to try to keep everything right on your desk, but you’ll find yourself running out of space much too quickly. Bringing in some short wire shelving or even a utility cart to hold onto your printers, tablets, and so on will help you keep your devices at arm’s length while freeing up space on your main worksurface.


Don’t Forget Your Computer

A lot of people hear ‘office organization’ and they immediately assume it means physical devices, but taking some time to straighten out the files on your computer can help keep your work organized and your devices running as smoothly as possible. Organize your emails and delete the ones you don’t need (just like your paperwork), keep your desktop free of excess icons, and in a pinch you might want to consider buying some more RAM to make sure everything runs as fast as you need to get your work done.


With these tips, your office should be…if not spotless, then at least easier to get around in. And, as always, if you have further questions (or your office is going to need some more…involved help) then feel free to contact with any questions.

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