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These days, more and more businesses are buying in bulk, due to benefits like better inventory management, lower ordering costs, and easier shipping of bulk goods. The question then becomes, where do these items go?

Providing maximum storage capacity at an affordable cost, pallet racking is a versatile and durable way to store bulk goods in an easy-to-access fashion. 

Commonly seen in warehousing applications, many may not realize this storage solution can be used across multiple different industries. Read on to find out where pallet racking can provide heavy duty, high density storage. 


E-Commerce Centers

If you operate an e-commerce center and you’re finding yourself with more inventory than available space, pallet racking can be just the answer you need. This racking can increase your floor space by as much as 50%, allowing for better space optimization.

Double-stacking pallets is a safety risk to staff and can cause major damage to your inventory. By utilizing pallet racking, you can take advantage of your vertical height — with slower moving inventory on top and faster moving inventory on the lower levels. Shelving Inc. even stocks racking up to 26’ feet in height, an often difficult size to find. 

This solution is particularly helpful with perishable goods, as the design of pallet racks enable a first-in-first-out system to maintain inventory freshness and safety. You can also add pallet carriages to your uprights to allow quicker loading from the back for especially frequent-moving items. 

For single row racking with open area on the other side, we recommend — and provide — wire backing to prevent loose products from spilling into the aisle. This goes for every industry. 


Distribution Centers

When it comes to distribution centers, large quantities of inventory are often stored on a long term basis. This makes pallet racking an ideal storage solution — not only allowing the center to easily store items in bulk on pallets but also making for efficient retrieval. 

Pallet rack beams should be labeled with each shelf capacity, making operators aware of how much weight the levels can handle. We also recommend installing convex mirrors at the end of the aisles. This safety precaution prevents operators from colliding with any obstacles before turning into the aisle. 

One of our best tips is to color code the racking. For example, determine that blue racking stores perishable products, red racking stores damaged products, and so on. Establishing this system, in addition to shelf labels, ensures fewer picking and storing errors. 


Manufacturing Facilities 

Manufacturing facilities require secure storage of bulk materials like raw steel or heavy machinery — and the weight support of pallet racks can handle it all. As typical racking can hold 10,000 pounds per shelf level, utilizing this racking will keep items safe and out of the way when not in use. 

We recommend lining the walls with the racks to leave the manufacturing floor open for safer travel and easier access to equipment, all while keeping the resources your staff needs close at hand. 

For an even higher weight capacity, opt for structural racking. This type of rack offers the same benefits as traditional racking, but holds up to 20,000 pounds per shelf. 


Automotive Suppliers

Now more than ever, automotive facilities are required to keep a certain amount of product on hand for production. If a company’s space optimization isn’t up to par, they may need to purchase another facility to meet production needs. Tier 1 or Tier 2 automotive suppliers can use pallet racking to be more methodical in their space utilization — avoiding costly expansions. 

You can further minimize floor space by using narrow aisle fork trucks to gain more storage with less floor space. And as opposed to standard shelving, you can keep both hand loaded and fork truck loaded items on this racking — allowing for more efficient retrieval. 

Automotive suppliers can also use mobile aisle pallet racking, placing faster-moving products in front and slower-moving products in the back. This can increase floor space by at least 40%. 


Grow Industry

The indoor agriculture industry can also take advantage of pallet racking. Due to the often high concentrations of moisture and humidity found in indoor agriculture facilities, galvanized pallet racking should be used in this instance. Galvanized racking is rust-proof, withstanding this type of environment without fear of rust or corrosion. 

It’s always important to have quality pallet racking from a safety perspective, especially when dealing with sensitive items. Shelving Inc. can quickly repair racking in the field with our pallet rack repair kits, so there will never be a worry about its security. 


Food Storage

Pallet racking can be used in the food service industry, such as in food storage facilities, grocery stores, and even hospitals. Areas like this have unique challenges, such as the need for strict sanitation and inventory rotation. We recommend adding floor-level beams to keep stored pallets off the floor, allowing for easier cleaning while reducing the chances of food contamination. 

Pallet racking can also assist with smooth lot rotation. While a company can start with traditional pallet racking, they can convert to other storage options. This includes adapting the carriage to a push back rack or gravity flow rack, helping create a first-in, first-out system. 

We can also provide narrow aisle access to a wide aisle, as well as enable the storage of two pallets deep with a reach truck. This product can grow as you grow, adjusting as your storage needs change. We can also do mobile aisle. 


Cold Storage

Lastly, galvanized pallet racking is also great for low temperature areas, like cold storage facilities. The durable galvanized steel will provide bulk storage while withstanding harsh environments like coolers or freezers. 

And if you are located in areas that drop in temperature during the winter months, galvanized racking can endure the elements outside. Whether in the cold, wind, or rain, this type of racking will hold up. 


Thanks to its adaptability, versatility, and durability, pallet racking is an ideal solution for any industry looking to safely store heavy duty items. 

If you’re interested in learning more about pallet racking, sign up for our Pallet Racking 101 Webinar next month. We’ll be sharing our best tips learned over our 60 years of experience, discussing topics like how to minimize damage and ways to make your racking work more effectively. 

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