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Back in November of 2020, Shelving Inc. ran a 10K Giveaway in honor of our company’s 60th year in business – awarding one company with $10,000 worth of either pallet racking, wire shelving, or rivet shelving. 

Our lucky winner was Underwood Fire Equipment Inc., a supplier of fire safety equipment located in Wixom, Michigan. After working alongside them to discuss their specific storage needs, we recently completed their installation. 



For over 25 years, Underwood Fire Equipment has served the community by providing safety and fire protection services. They supply items like fire protection pumps, control panels, valves, fittings and piping—as well as annual testing and maintenance services—to protect thousands of properties in the worldwide marketplace, across all industries. 

The company has continued to expand over the years, eventually running out of space. At the time of their entry, they were in the midst of constructing a new, 40,000 square foot facility. As this building is four times the size of their current one, with roughly three times the amount of storage space, Underwood Fire Equipment was in need of new storage to organize their warehouse.



They chose to select all pallet racking for their giveaway prize, with the first $10,000 of product free. Utilizing a combination of 8’, 10’, and 12’ beams, this racking has a 5,000 pound capacity and can hold 500 pallets. 

As Shelving Inc. stocks all of this racking in our warehouse, we were able to complete this installation in roughly four weeks, compared to the typical 10-week lead time.



This racking now allows them to design a highly efficient, productive, and effective workspace as they develop a systematic process to operate in an assembly line fashion.

Their newly-maximized space will help increase production speed and the overall quality of work—organizing and streamlining the assembly and shipping process. 



Underwood Fire Equipment Inc. has similar beginnings as us—starting in their founder’s home with a large ambition to help others. As a small business ourselves, we were very happy to assist this company with their expansion.




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