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As a small shop owner, organizing your space to suit your needs can often be easier said than done.


Especially for those of you who sell smaller products, all of which vary in size, color or style, making sure everything stays right where it should be isn’t always easy. Finding a way to clearly define to the customer which product is where and what is what, while still maintaining a clear and orderly-looking storefront can mean the difference between making a sale or losing one. It’s easy for your shelves to look too busy or cluttered once they have your stock on them, which in200464106-001-turn might be distracting or uninviting to a customer. The best way to avoid pitfalls like these is to make it as EASY AS POSSIBLE for the customer to find what they are looking for. And there’s no better way to do so, other than to LABEL, LABEL, LABEL!

Take a look at the image below. These shelves are stocked to the BRIM with great products for sale, but the shelves are not well-managed, they lack identification, and overall they look slightly disheveled. A customer walking into this store might be turned off by the lack of direction, or may have trouble finding what they are looking for. Conversely, the image below on the right shows shelves that are adequately labeled and give the display a clearer, more concise message: “We have what you need and it’s RIGHT HERE!”. The customer is not only able to find the product themselves, but they now know the price of the product, as well. Consumers who are given all of the facts up front feel that they are dealing with a trustworthy vendor who isn’t trying to mislead them, and are more willing to buy.


Labeling your storefront can transform a messy, unkempt area into a clean, approachable display that invites a customer to take a closer look and continue shopping. More often than not, customers will make preconceived assumptions based on what your storefront looks like. If a customer has to search for something they are looking for because you haven’t properly outfitted your shelves to TELL them where to look, you will more-than-likely lose that sale. In the age of instant gratification, consumers shouldn’t have to look high-and-low to find what they’re looking for. They came to the store because they already KNOW what they want and HOW they want it, all they need is for you to direct them. Make your own job easier and label your stock!

Labeling your inventory will send a definite message to your customers: You care about the consumer and you are there to make their lives a little bit more simple. On top of easing the lives of your customers day-by-day, label holders are also a great way to make sure your employees always know where to return stock to the shelves. This, in turn, leads to extended organization, as employees know exactly where things go and where they should be returned. Maintaining a clean, organized storefront is the best way to ensure that your company will have continued success.

Balsamic+blur+w+labelsSome basic tricks / tips when labeling your inventory:

-Use colors that accentuate or match with your store’s overall style to give your shelves a crisp, uniform look.

-Avoid using incredibly bright, vibrant colors for your labels. Although bright colors might flag down customers, they are sometimes TOO bright, and tend to be harder to read. In some cases, this could cause a customer to continue past the item simply because it was uncomfortable to look at.

-Try to get all of the product information onto your labels (without putting TOO much) so that the customer can make an informed decision when buying. Be honest when labeling your product.

-Avoid using weird fonts or small print, as a customer may choose to not buy the product based on the fact that they couldn’t read your label.

-Objects on the top shelf may get overlooked by shorter shoppers, but it easy to avoid this by angling the product’s label holders downwards so that the customer can read them clearly without having to find a stepladder and magnifying glass.

Small tips like these can mean the difference between making a sale or breaking a sale, and in today’s world, every dollar counts. Get the most out of your business by identifying what the customer looks for when shopping. Label your products so that the customer knows EXACTLY what they are getting or where to find it, and you will continue to make sales! Don’t allow yourself to be labeled as an unfit vendor… Upgrade your storefront with label holders today and show the people what they want!

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