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With winter quickly approaching, you and your staff have probably been all wrapped up in the holiday retail rush, getting products to your customers and supplying inventory wherever it’s needed. Even among all the hustling around, you’ve probably noticed one thing – it’s getting pretty cold out! If your workers have been feeling the sting of Old Man Winter lately, here are a few tips we can provide to help circulate the warm air and keep everyone in the warehouse warm!

Watch the Doors

Large industrial doors tend to let a lot of cold air in while opened, and even if they’re not constantly open there’s probably enough people coming in and out that it might still affect your temperature. Caulking the gaps around doors can do a lot to mitigate this heat loss, and any doors you don’t constantly need opened can be blocked with plastic sheets so long as you still have adequate entrances and exits throughout the facility.

Warehouse Overhead Fan

Increase Airflow

Even if your heaters are going full blast 24/7, the fixtures in (and design of) your office might be preventing hot air from getting all the way around and keeping the warehouse warm. If you find your shelves are blocking airflow, you might want to invest in some lower-profile wire shelving to let the air flow through and around your bulky inventory and shelving installations more easily. Fans can also be a big help with this – certain types of fan can help draw hot air in from the ceiling to circulate lower to the ground, and even simply leaving your ceiling fans on can help move the air better.

Warehouse Heater

In a Pinch, Get Extra Heaters

If you’ve followed our advice so far and your warehouse is still too cold for your workers (or even your inventory, depending on what you have to store – sensitive electronics, certain chemicals or ingredients, etc.) you might have to invest in some heaters. Industrial-sized propane heaters can help provide heat in the areas it’s needed most – and if you combine these heaters with the rest of our tips the heat should circle around right where you need it to.

While these tips might not work for every warehouse, trying some combination of everything we’ve suggested should help to keep your workers, your staff, and your facility toasty warm through the lean winter months.

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