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Here at Shelving, Inc, we try to provide more than just warehouse organization and industrial shelving.


We like to think of our blog as a good resource of information for warehouse managers, industrial suppliers, retail distributors, and, really, anyone else that needs help getting their warehouse in order.


And while we don’t do it for accolades or awards, we have to admit it is nice to get a little recognition every now and again for the resources we try to provide warehouse managers across the country. It was a nice surprise, then, to find we’ve been awarded the #11 position in Feedspot’s Top 25 Warehouse Blogs!


We faced some pretty stiff competition from blogs even as far away as Australia, and we’re happy and flattered to see Feedspot ranks our content so highly and considers us so helpful!


Of course, we promise not to let it go to our heads – we’ll still be here providing the same content you need week in and week out, ready to help warehouse managers with whatever issue they might encounter or questions they might have.


Really, above all else, we have you to thank for being valued customers and loyal readers. You make Shelving, Inc what it is and we couldn’t do any of it without you!


Thanks for being a reader, and try to stay organized out there!



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