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With so many options available, it may get confusing trying to figure out which style of shelving will suit your storage needs. As shelving experts, we are uniquely qualified to tell you what kind of shelving rack, system, or stand will best suit your space. The following will serve as a buyer’s guide to three of our most popular styles of shelving: Wire Shelving, Rivet Shelving, and Clipper Shelving.

Let’s consider the construction of each shelf:

Wire Shelf

welded metal construction of a single wire shelf


Solid construction with a welded frame

Attaches to post using plastic clip that acts as a wedge

Surface is comprised of latticed wire rungs

5 mm truss reinforces the strength of the shelf


Rivet Rack

A metal rivet shelf and its deconstructed components


Roll formed steel components

Attaches to post by inserting rivets into slots

Available as single rivet shelving or double rivet shelving

Surface can be modified with different decking- wood, wire, or melamine

Strength can be bolstered with center supports



Clipper Shelf

Roll formed steel clip type shelf

Single piece of roll formed steel

Attaches to post with metal clips that act as ledges

Smooth metal surface for simple storage

Roll formed flanges give sides of shelf additional strength




The following chart will provide you with some specifics at a glance for a side by side comparison of each shelf’s features. A detailed explanation is provided below.

Side by side comparison of the features for Wire, Rivet, and Clipper shelving

Weight capacity

  • Wire– Each shelf will consistently hold 800 lbs of evenly distributed weight.
  • Rivet– Ranges from 250 lbs to 1,500 lbs depending on size of shelf, number of rivets, and use of center supports.
  • Clipper- Ranges from 500 lbs to 800 lbs of weight depending on size of shelf.


  • Wire– Posts have notches at every inch to allow you to place the shelf clip.
  • Rivet– Angle posts have notched channels that allow you to space shelves every 1.5 inches.
  • Clipper– Angle posts have channels that allow shelves to be placed on 1 inch centers.

Accepts Extra Shelf

  • Wire– individual shelves come with a pack of shelf clips that can be placed anywhere along the post.
  • Rivet– you can buy add on shelves for single or double rivet, which fit into the slots on the post.
  • Clipper– extra steel shelves are available for purchase and come with four clips to secure shelf.
    • Each style is scalable- will accept add-on units to grow outwards not just upward.
    • Wire shelving posts can be made taller with the use of a post splicing kit.

NSF Approved

  • Wire– Certified by the National Sanitation Foundation for use in food service and medical environments

Available as Mobile Units

  • Wire– Threaded adapter in bottom of post can accept leveling feet or casters, making your unit mobile.

Accessories Available

  • Wire– From hanging rods to cup holders to liners that change the surface of the shelf; many to choose from.
  • Clipper– Drawers, bins, dividers, and label holders make your unit entirely customizable to suit your needs.

Available in Standard and Heavy Duty

  • Rivet– Single rivet is the standard, while Double rivet provides heavy duty strength.
  • Clipper– We sell the standard type online (800 lb capacity), but you can get Extra Heavy Duty up to 2,000 lbs.

Different Finishes Available

  • Wire– Can be purchased in chrome, white, or black epoxy coating (with limited sizes available for epoxy finish).
  • Rivet– Tan, Black, and Gray, as well as different decking options: wire, wood, or melamine. Custom colors available.
  • Clipper– Custom colors are available, contact us for details.

Which Type of Shelving Do I Need?

The answer to this question really depends on your storage requirements: where are you going to put this shelving?


The most versatile shelving unit, available in the most sizes. Can be used in any room of your house for moderate to heavy storage, is often found in restaurant kitchens and retail stockrooms for high-volume inventory. Attractive finish means it will look good in almost any environment.


Sometimes called light-industrial shelving, great for stock rooms with heavier inventory or records storage. Many sizes available to suit your needs. The different decking options work with local fire codes to help promote water distribution from a sprinkler system in the event of an emergency, reducing insurance premiums.


Available as an open shelf or a closed unit, perfect for garages and basements, but fewer sizes available. Handymen, tinkerers, builders, and DIY enthusiasts will enjoy this shelving in their workshop because of the ability to compartmentalize, add bins, and label sections. Keeps your home organized at an economical price.


If you have any questions about the differences between each style or simply need help deciding which kind will work best for you, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1.800.637.9508.

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