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Part of managing a warehouse means ensuring the safety of your workers and inventory using whatever means are available to you. More than just a standard gate, wire mesh security partitions are growing in popularity for a number of applications in a wide variety of factory and warehouse settings. If you’re considering investing in some security partitions but aren’t sure where they would best serve your facility, here’s a few of the more common and successful uses for wire security partitions from a number of different environments:


Outside Security

Thanks to the ease with which modular security partitions can be arranged into a room or cage-like shape, many facilities have begun employing them to ensure the safety of anything being stored outside. Hazardous chemicals, large tools that need to be stored outside, and even dumpsters can be safely boxed in using a series of wire mesh partitions to keep out animals or unwanted visitors.


Safe Restricted Item Storage

In industries that require certain parts and items to be safely locked up when not in use, such as pharmaceuticals, wire partitions can be installed inside your facility to provide convenient and secure storage complete with a lock-equipped door. In fact, secure wire storage meets the federal government’s specific requirements for safe pharmaceutical storage, making it an especially practical and welcomed option for the medical industry.


Personal Storage

If you have a common area that lacks the needed space for individual employee lockers, creating a small secured area using mesh partitions will allow for a secure place to store personal items while on the job site.


Employee Safety

The sturdy design of security cages and gates allows you to install additional security measures throughout your factory or warehouse for both your employees and equipment. Cages can be installed around a network server you have on site to keep them safe without restricting the airflow that larger computer systems need to function properly. Keeping cage walls around dangerous moving parts in your equipment will reduce the chance of injury while being able to keep the needed machines in operation. You could even install them along the sides of mezzanines and along stair railings to further prevent injury.


No matter how big your facility, or what the layout, steel mesh partitions can do a lot to enhance the safety and security of your employees, supplies, and property. Contact us at to learn more about the security partitions we offer, and what they can do for you!

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