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As time passes, so too do our storage needs. While wire shelving units are optimal storage utilities, to get the best use of them, it’s best to customize them to our organization needs. Provided below are five ways to personalize your wire shelving while also keeping your living space’s aesthetic in mind.


Cart Covers

Wire shelving storage capacities accommodate a diversity of materials which vary in durability and cost. For this reason, you may need to take extra measures and upgrade your wire shelving as a way to prevent vulnerable goods from being stolen or damaged. Rest easy knowing your goods are safe by enclosing them with a cart cover. By doing so, the nylon protection of the cover will shield your belongings from strong winds, hide expensive goods out of sight, and shield out water.


Wire Shelving PVC Liners

Wire shelving is used to carry all kinds of goods like cleaning solutions, soaps, juices, foods, and numerous other items with a propensity for making messes. When spills from these items occur, they can spread through the rest of the unit by seeping between the shelves’ rungs. Avoid this from happening altogether by implementing wire shelf liners; the lightweight, translucent material will contain messes and offer a flat surface for items to be stored on.


When an odd assortment of goods are cramped in a wire shelving unit, it’s not exactly an eye-catching sight. Luckily, there’s a way to transfigure this into a more becoming, fitting aspect of the space it is stored in: wire shelving enclosures! Simply snap on a wire shelving enclosure to your wire shelving unit to aptly cover an unkempt assembly of goods.


Threaded Rubber Caster For Wire Shelving

Whether you have a wire shelving unit with three shelves or five, it’s likely that you’ll have to adjust it around the room it is used in to make space. Instead of the arduous process of lifting it, add casters to facilitate smooth, steady mobility of wire shelving around your garage or office space.

Extra Shelves

Extra Wire Shelves

There are times when you need just a little additional space on your shelving space but just can’t seem to make anything fit. Instead of purchasing an entire new storage system, consider adding an extra shelf as a way of providing additional space.

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