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Our latest installation features the DTE Energy Monroe Power Plant in Monroe, Michigan. Not only is it the 11th largest electric plant in the U.S., but the 2nd largest coal-fired plant in the country! Keeping this plant up and running smoothly is a big deal and takes a lot of hard work and planning. When DTE came to us in need of more storage for a warehouse, we were happy to help.

Stocking a large inventory of repair items and equipment in surrounding warehouses is needed in the event of emergencies or equipment failing. They no longer had space for long bars and pipes, objects that do not fit properly on “typical” industrial shelving/racking. Luckily there are cantilever racks. These racks have arms that make storing long items like pipes and lumber incredibly safe and easy, and retrieving them by forklift quick and painless. They’re even adjustable!

DTE Cantilever Racking

DTE Energy Monroe Power Plant Guardrail

We installed 20′ high cantilever racks outside of the warehouse and a guardrail to protect the building from forklift traffic. Now, the power plant can run more efficiently and workers can access supplies quickly. In the event of equipment failure or a repair needed, time will not be wasted.

As a company in Metro Detroit, we depend on DTE to supply our energy in both our workplace and homes. We’re happy and incredibly proud that we could provide them with the resources needed to safeguard against emergencies, and continue giving Michigan excellent service and energy!

Remember, if you’re in need of a storage solution we are here to help. Just use our Request A Quote page!

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