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Adding wire shelving in the home is an affordable option to maximize space and get organized. But, installing the shelves and giving cluttered items a new home is just the beginning. By adding accessories that help organize a space even further you can make your wire shelving work even harder.



J-Hooks work great for wire shelving in the kitchen. You can create a rack for pots and pans if cabinet space is limited, or attach them to the side to clear clutter created by oven mitts and strainers.



Attach enclosures to your wire shelving unit to merge both style and function in any room. Not only do they conceal and protect your storage, but the wide variety of colors to choose from will turn your unit into a chic piece of furniture.



For units inside the kitchen or pantry, adding a liner helps with food spills and small items falling through the cracks. Choose from a variety of colors or go with translucent, both available to fit nearly any size unit needed!



Turn any unit mobile by adding casters. Doing this can make a small unit multi-functional throughout the home, or a larger unit easy to move for cleaning and redecorating.

Butcher Block Top


A wooden butcher block adds warmth to both your space and wire shelving unit. When counter space is limited, attaching casters can turn it into a mobile, space-saving kitchen island or bar cart!



Purchasing a wire shelving unit to help get organized is often the sole purpose of owning one. Once you invest both time and money sorting  the pantry, garage or craft room into perfect order, be sure to label it! When something gets used by you or a family member, no excuses are made for it to not go back where it belongs.



Baskets help in small spaces while maintaining order. If you have built-in shelving or cupboards, a sliding chrome basket installed will maximize its space instantly, while attachable baskets added to a wire unit are perfect for access to commonly-used items and extra storage.

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