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The best part of our job is seeing what customers do with our products.  From organizing with great results to using something in a creative and unique way, our customers have as much pride in our products as we do!    That’s why we created the #Shelfie promotion, which encourages you to send us photos of our product being used, focusing on how it helped make your life easier. When someone sends us a #Shelfie, we give a code for a discount off  your next purchase, and in exchange we get to brag all over the internet how awesome our customers are!

Bryan R. sent us a great before and after featuring an age-old problem: A messy  kids room with space not being utilized to help keep it organized.


Because of the loft-style bed, finding furniture that fits under it is a challenge. Bryan installed a sleek black wall-mounted wire shelf that fits perfectly under the bed while still being comfortable. Adding a a cool DIY skateboard bench turned this once unused space into the perfect spot for homework and studying. Attaching our Coat Rack to the side to use for a backpack and hats gives a home to small items that can often create clutter.  Not only does this makeshift desk work perfect in a small space, but it’s incredibly affordable at $35. Try finding a traditional desk at that price!

Finally, Bryan used Stacking Bins to create cubbies for things like books, toys and games. The best part of these stackable bins is that once more space is needed, bins can be easily added! Thanks so much for showing us the amazing transformation, Bryan. Great work!

Remember, if you have a #Shelfie to show us, send an Email or tag us on Facebook or Twitter!

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