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With so many uniquely shaped and sized items in a home, finding a way to efficiently organize them can be quite an undertaking. Perhaps you need extra room for a bookshelf, there are too many DVDs to be fit in one place,or the bathroom keeps turning into chaos despite your best efforts to keep it tidy. Generally, the go-to solution to this is implementing wire shelving or other types of storage units; but sometimes all you need is a little extra space instead of a large add-on. Modular cubes have emerged as a nifty solution to these situations. Listed below are some of the best ways to fix up the work, home, or office space with these smartly-shaped storage devices.


Clear Desk Space

Whether it be for the home office or dorm room, desks get messy. Often times a hodgepodge of pencils, notebooks, papers, and miscellaneous other supplies will be scattered across them; this makes it near impossible to find what you need, which can be a serious detriment to your productivity and use of time. For easy access to your essential desk goods, set yourself up with a wire grid cube. Positioned near the corner of your desk, these go a long way in optimizing your organization and overall work efficiency.


Organize Your “Random Pile”

Though it varies for everyone, there’s always a certain amount of goods that don’t exactly fit a specific category or label to be placed in. This can leave us scratching our heads to figure out exactly what to do with these materials. The easy answer? A storage cube! These cleverly designed, hollowed-out cubes are perfect for storing goods of all kinds. They’re excellent for accomodatingtoys, hats, notebooks, and countless other items that you’ve collected over the years but haven’t had a spot for. The best part is, once one storage cube fills up, you can just get another and stack in top of the first one!


Categorize Clothes

When armories and drawers become overstuffed, it can complicate the process of picking out clothes in the morning (not to mention wrinkle them); storage cubes are a great fix for this due to their ability to openly display and organize clothes. For instance, a cube could be used to hold jeans and pants while another stacked above it could hold folded t-shirts. Placed in a closet or bedroom corner, storage cubes expedite the process of finding what we need when we need it – fast and efficiently.

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