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Although storing goods isn’t normally too physically demanding of a task,  it doesn’t mean there aren’t precautions to take while doing it. For both the home and warehouse alike, there are many improper storage techniques that could result in a thrown-out back or possibly even worse outcomes. As leading manufacturers of a wide array of storage devices for multiple locations, Shelving is experienced in what it takes to safely handle and store materials. Below we’ve provided some key safety tips to bear in mind.

Evaluate Access Point

Before picking up a good, your first main consideration should be where the good is presently placed. If it’s positioned atop a tall out-of-reach storage space, like a five-shelf  wire shelving unit, you run the risk of accidentally dropping the package on your head and increase your chances of dropping and damaging it. Resolve to find a ladder so that when you go to pick it up, you can avoid clumsily reaching for it above your head and instead employ a firm, controlled grip.

Gauge Weight and Shape

When working with a large number of goods, estimate how much you can carry while being careful to not put too much stress on your body. Firmly grasp the load in your hand and lightly lift for a better idea of its weight. If you think you can carry more, add additional goods one by one so that you don’t bite off more than you can chew weight-wise. Secondly, make sure the weight is equally distributed so that when you pick it up you’re not thrown to the right or left due to an awkward distribution of weight. Once familiar with the mass and shape, it’s time to lift.

Lift Off

When taking the package from a shelf or storage space, carefully bring it in toward your chest at a comfortable space. For heavier loads, try to also hold the weight with your leg muscles so that there is an equal, manageable amount of effort used. When it comes to picking up items at ground-level, bend your knees and slowly rise. Although it may feel natural or perhaps easier to lift with your back, it’s very important for your physical health to not do so; doing otherwise strains your back and could result in serious damage.

Maintain Visibility

Especially for large, clunkier-shaped boxes, make an effort to maintain visibility of your surroundings so that you can make a safe transport. Additionally, watch out for hazards like wet surfaces so that you don’t accidentally fall or injure yourself.

Use Secure Storage Spaces

As important as it is to safely lift and transport materials, it’s also crucial to find a safe zone to store goods in a way that is out of walking traffic and utilizes space. To do so, consider a wire shelving units, lockers, or stacking storage bins to securely tuck away your possessions.

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