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What’s the first thing you tend to think of, when you think of stainless steel carts? Maybe you keep one at your pharmacy, maybe you use one to push tools around your shop floor, or maybe you even remember pushing a TV around on one in school.


What most people don’t consider, however, is how handy utility carts can be around the home. If you find yourself needing convenient and practical storage that can be tucked away when not in use, storage carts can be more useful around the house than you might expect.


Bedroom Storage

Depending on the layout of your bedroom, storage carts can be easily repurposed as a nightstand if the height of your bed allows it, particularly if you have to store a lot of things right by your bed like books, water bottles, or nighttime medication. And if the space and dimensions of your closet allow it, using a wire utility cart to store things like shoes or jewelry can help you easily wheel these items to you, no matter when you need them.


Kitchen and Dining Room Storage

Utility carts can be perfect for both food storage, preparation, and presentation. During large meal preparations, utility carts can be perfect for storing needed ingredients or giving you an extra workspace to prepare side dishes or store things on during the cooking process. Or, if you prefer, they can be used to increase pantry space or add an extra bit of shelving to your spice racks.


The dining room can take advantage of storage carts too – use them as a rolling serving cart for larger meals, or store cocktail ingredients on them for easy serving.


Kid’s Rooms and Playrooms

Storage carts can also provide a convenient storage option for toys and clothes for kids of any age. Most utility carts provide the perfect surface area for kid’s-sized clothing like gloves and shoes to keep them all together, and you can use them to help encourage your kids to keep their own toys organized – or at least off the floor.


There’s plenty of other rooms and uses for storage carts, but we’ll leave those up to your imagination – in the meantime, we hope you got a little inspiration from these tips!

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